Easy BBQ Chicken Marinade

Once upon a time I went to visit two of my sisters-in-law in California for a few days. (Actually, we try to do this every two years, so there have been several once upon a times in which I got to go visit my sisters.)

sisters at the beach

Fun facts: I get along amazingly well with my sisters-in-law. This trip we went to the beach, went shopping, ate leisurely brunches and dinners, and talked for hours. It was fantastic. Oh, and we also went to Disneyland, for free, for an entire day. What did three moms do at Disneyland without kids? We rode all the rides we wanted and screamed like little girls on Hyperspace Mountain. Three times. Talk about exhilarating! (And yes, now I need a chiropractor.)

When I got home from this trip, I kept noticing things. Things like a new exhaust fan installed above my “new” stove. All my spices put back and organized over the stove after the exhaust fan was installed. A cute shelf put in place behind the stove. In short, everywhere I turned, I kept seeing more projects that Matt and Malachi had worked on to surprise me when I got back from my trip. My husband is dear and I’m so thankful for him.

This has to do with bbq chicken how?

Well, a day and a half after I got back from visiting my sisters in California, I had to turn right around and go out of town for a doctor appointment. Phew. Matt was left at home to hold down the fort again. It was while I was there that Matt called to say he was getting the chicken ready to marinate for dinner but, “Where is the bbq sauce?”

Oh that. I don’t have any. I was going to make some but ran out of time. Maybe look up the recipe on my site? Sorry I didn’t get it done before I left.

That’s when he took it upon himself to mix up a little of this and a little of that and create a super fun sauce that I now need to tell you about. Why make normal bbq sauce when you can make it fun?

Easy BBQ Chicken MarinadeYum

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Easy BBQ Marinade for Chicken
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 2-3 Tablespoons pineapple juice
  • 1 teaspoon liquid smoke
  • 1 Tablespoon mustard
  1. Mix ingredients and spread over chicken for at least 2 hours before grilling.
  2. Add a chopped onion to the mix for extra flavor while the chicken is marinating.
  3. This makes enough sauce for 2-3 pounds of chicken.

Matt's BBQ Marinade

Remember my biggest chicken grilling tip? Read the details here, but to sum it up, we much prefer to grill boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of breasts. That’s what I highly recommend for this marinade and grilling recipe! You’ll have yourself some super moist and flavorful chicken this way!

What special ingredients do you like stirring into your barbecue sauces and marinades?

Lilla Rose $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I’ve loved and worn Lilla Rose Flexi-Clips for years and years. But look at their newest products! (And stay tuned until the end of this post to enter for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!)

lilla rose4

They just come out with are these amazingly fun leather and braided 8’s that you use with adorable hair sticks.

First you pick one (or four) 8’s. Here are some of them, but there are more where these came from…

lilla rose3
Then you pick sticks that you want to coordinate with them…

lilla rose3

With these jewels, you can experiment with these simple styles that take just a few minutes (after a little bit of practice)! As I’ve started using these fun 8’s and sticks, I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my hair. (Even from a man in his 70’s. How sweet of him to notice. He made my day!)

Here’s one of my first attempts. Not to bad for a first try!

lilla rose8

Can I tell you what I’m learning as I get older? While our biggest focus needs to be on Christ and living selflessly, caring for ourselves is so important! How are hair clips a part of this? Well, I really appreciate being able to fix my hair to look nice so that I feel pretty and ready to be productive for the day. I don’t want to spend much time on this, but I do love looking and feeling put together. The best thing about Lilla Rose products is that they help you put yourself together and look pretty with just a few minutes of effort. This is a win-win, and this is why I love their products so much!

Key information about Lilla Rose Products

In case you’ve been interested in these Flexi-Clips for years (as I gush about them) but have hesitated to go for it, here are some tips you may find helpful!

  1. To figure out what size of clip you should order for your hair, watch the sizing video on the Lilla Rose site. It’s incredibly helpful.
  2. If you order a clip and find that it doesn’t fit, Lilla Rose offers a 90-day sizing guarantee with FREE exchanges.
  3. While the prices for these products are very reasonable, you might still be hesitating to fork over the money. Want to know the truth about investing in these? I’ve been wearing the same clips almost daily for years and years. I’ve been pretty hard on them and the quality has not been compromised. How much money have I saved in the long run on rubber bands that stretch out and are unusable after just 2-3 wears? So much money.

Note: If you already have a different Lilla Rose Consultant, please stay loyal to her. :)

The monthly special for July is:

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Start shopping here. (Paula set this link up as a Heavenly Homemakers party this time!) Be sure to let Paula know if you have any questions!

Now for the Giveaway!

July $50 giveaway

My dear Lilla Rose Consultant, Paula, is giving one of you a $50 gift certificate to pick out your favorite products for free! Enter this giveaway in the Rafflecopter here. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, August 3.

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5-Minute Low Sugar Peanut Butter Ice Cream (No-Sugar Option!)

Of all the low sugar, no churn ice creams I’ve tried and loved, I like this Peanut Butter Ice Cream the best.

Low Sugar Peanut Butter Ice Cream

This time around, I tried using only stevia. The result?? Well…if you’re used to not eating any sugar, a stevia-only ice cream will taste very good to you. But if you’re used to sugar or even maple syrup? A stevia-only ice cream will only taste so-so.

Therefore!! I suggest using a combination of both. Sweetening your ice cream with mostly stevia (to give it the sweetness it needs) and a tiny bit of maple syrup (to take away any bitterness) seems to be the perfect combination. The second time I made this, instead of using only stevia, I used 2 droppers full of stevia and 1 Tablespoon of real maple syrup. Boom. Major hit – even with others who are used to eating sugar!

As always, feel free to sweeten this according to your preferences, needs, and tastes. I’m just thankful I can continue to make low sugar, super lazy ice cream in fun varieties! What a fun treat!

Low (or no!) Sugar Peanut Butter Ice Cream

5-Minute Peanut Butter Ice Cream (No-Sugar Option!)
Serves: 6
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • ¾ cup natural peanut butter (I use homemade, creamy)
  • 3 droppers full of liquid stevia (or 3-4 Tablespoons real maple syrup or a combination of some stevia and some syrup)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Blend ingredients together with a hand mixer or in a high power blender until they have thickened - but have not yet turned into stiff whipped cream. (The mixture should still be runny.)
  2. Pour mixture into a small casserole dish.
  3. Cover and freeze for about three hours.
  4. Scoop and serve right away.
  5. If ice cream is left in the freezer overnight, you may need to let it sit on the counter a few minutes before serving!

Low Sugar No Churn Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Other Low Sugar, No Churn Ice Cream Recipes:

Have you tried any of these recipes? Someone suggested adding some arrowroot powder to the mix to make the ice cream more scoopable. I’ve not tried it because I’m out of arrowroot. What are you finding that is working for you with these ice cream recipes?

Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

I’m at church camp this week, loving life, swatting bugs, and trying to stay hydrated. While I’m gone, you can enjoy a re-posting of some of our most popular time-saving, money-saving, healthier eating mix recipes


Originally posted April, 2010

Save money by making your own taco seasoning mix. It is SO easy! And healthy!  And you can put it in a jar (my favorite part)! Actually, even if you don’t have a jar obsession like I do, I recommend putting this mix in a jar as the flavors are strong and will absorb into a plastic container, or mingle with other items it may be sitting beside in your pantry.

Homemade Taco Seasoning MixYum

Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix
  • ½ cup chili powder
  • ¼ cup onion powder
  • ⅛ cup ground cumin
  • 1 Tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 Tablespoon paprika
  • 1 Tablespoon sea salt
  1. Put all ingredients into a jar and shake!

Um, after you put a lid on…then shake. The jar. Shake the jar. With the lid securely on the jar.

Taco Seasoing Mix

Three Tablespoons of Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix is equal to one 4-ounce package of taco seasoning mix. I would recommend adding 3 Tablespoons of mix to one pound of browned ground meat for tacos.

I would also recommend shaking again before each use to make sure the spices are well distributed throughout the mix.

The jar. Shake the jar. You can shake all you want, but if you don’t shake the jar, your spices won’t be distributed evenly.

Just wanted to be sure I made the instructions clear in regard to the shaking.

Great. I can see it now. Husbands everywhere will walk into the kitchen and see their wives shaking (boogie down).

He will look questioningly at his wife, smile and say,

“Taco night again?!”


Recipes that use Taco Seasoning Mix

As you can see, having this seasoning mix on hand is super helpful. Just grab it, shake it, and stir it into whatever you are cooking. Love it!

Fun Groupon Coupons (I didn’t know about these!)

I’ve decided this is the time of year to buy stuff. Time to buy school supplies, books, shoes, and food. (Always food. Always.)

As I’m searching around for the best deals on all of these so that I can be prepared for a new school year without going broke, learning that there is such a thing as Groupon Coupons piqued my interest.


Groupon Coupon has partnered with many other businesses to offer coupons for places like Barnes and Noble, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Footlocker, JCPenney, Kohls, and the list goes on and on.

It’s very exciting, so if you shop online, before you make your final purchases be sure to check your coupon options at Groupon Coupons to see if you can score extra savings. I’m finding coupons for just about every store I typically purchase from. Scoring extra savings on top of sale prices is really helpful! There are also plenty of printable coupons to be had, so before you head to out the door to do in-store Back-to-School shopping, be sure to click over to Groupon Coupons to see what you find.

Yay for more ways to save money!!

This post is sponsored by Groupon Coupons.

More Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes! Italian and Thousand Island

I’m at church camp this week, loving life, swatting bugs, and trying to stay hydrated. While I’m gone, you can enjoy a re-posting of some of our most popular time-saving, money-saving, healthier eating mix recipes

Originally posted June, 2009

After sharing the Ranch Dressing Mix recipe, several of you asked for different varieties of healthy salad dressing recipes. I’m excited to share my recipes for Italian Salad Dressing and Thousand Island Dressing!

What makes these salad dressing recipes better?

  • These use real food ingredients – choose to use healthy oils and other ingredients you feel good about feeding your family. I use olive oil for these.
  • These save money – they cost much less than buying them pre-made! The price of Italian Dressing Mix can add up!
  • You can make Italian Dressing Mix ahead of time so all you have to do when you need dressing is mix it up!

Italian Dressing MixYum

More Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes! Italian and Thousand Island
  • 1½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 Tablespoon onion powder
  • 2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 Tablespoon dried parsley
  • 2 teaspoons sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon thyme
  • ½ teaspoon dried celery flakes
  1. Shake ingredients together and store in a jar.
  2. To make Italian salad dressing: Mix 2 Tablespoons dry mix with ¼ cup vinegar (I prefer red wine vinegar), 2 teaspoons water and ½ cup olive oil.

Homemade Italian Salad Dressing

Besides salad dressing, use the Italian Dressing Mix to make:

Use Italian Dressing to marinate chicken for the best grilled chicken!!

And now for another of our favorite salad dressing recipes:

Thousand Island Dressing

1 cup mayonnaise (I use Hain Safflower)
1/3 cup ketchup
1/4 cup pickle relish
1 Tablespoon minced onion
1 hard boiled egg, chopped (optional)

Mix ingredients, cover and chill.

Homemade Thousand Island Salad Dressing

So…what’s your favorite kind of salad dressing? (mine’s ranch)  Have I come up with enough healthier dressings (aka dressings with NO high fructose corn syrup or MSG) to tickle your fancy…or should I keep playing?

I’m determined to come up with Caesar and Blue Cheese. But my attempts at these so far are not share worthy!

Whole Wheat Quick Baking Mix

I’m at church camp this week, loving life, swatting bugs, and trying to stay hydrated. While I’m gone, you can enjoy a re-posting of some of our most popular time-saving, money-saving, healthier eating mix recipes

Originally posted February, 2013

Over the past few years, I have had many requests for a mix recipe which will replace boxed “Bisquick”. I had never used bisquick very much before we started our healthy eating journey, therefore I didn’t know that I’d have much use for a healthier version. And so, this recipe request continued to get pushed to the bottom of my “to-do” list.

Whole Wheat Quick Mix

For shame.  I didn’t know what I’d been missing!  Last summer, I finally gave this recipe a try. Once I figured out the right combination of ingredients, I learned that it takes just a few minutes to put this mixture together. And the recipes you can quickly whip up once you have this convenience food on hand? Every single one we’ve tried has been a hit! I love this!  It is inexpensive, is made with real ingredients I feel good about feeding to my family, it saves time, and the food prepared with it tastes great. Does it get any better than that?

Whole Wheat Quick Mix


10 cups whole wheat flour (I use flour made from freshly ground hard white wheat)
1/2 cup baking powder
1/4 cup sucanat (optional)
2 teaspoons sea salt (I use Redmond Real Salt)
2 cups organic palm shortening or butter

In a large mixing bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, sucanat and salt. Thoroughly cut in palm shortening until mixture resembles fine crumbs. Store Whole Wheat Quick Mix in an air tight container in the fridge or freezer.

Here are several of the recipes you’ll find here at Heavenly Homemakers to use along with the lovely mixture you just put together. Think of how much time and effort you’ll save!

 Quick Mix Biscuits

Quick Mix Fruit Pizza


Quick Mix Honey Cinnamon Muffins

Quick Mix Very Vanilla Cookies

Quick Mix Pancakes

Beyond those, I’ve come up with a pie crust, waffles, and more muffin and cookie recipes. I’m telling you, this mix is so versatile and easy.

It’s recipes like this that make my Oh, For Real! Real Food, Real Family, Real Easy book so much fun. It’s all about making your life healthier and easier. Anytime you can take one recipe and adapt it to make many other healthy food recipes, we have a winner!

Like what you see here? We’d love to get to know you better! 

Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing Ideas

I’m at church camp this week, loving life, swatting bugs, and trying to stay hydrated. While I’m gone, you can enjoy a re-posting of some of our most popular time-saving, money-saving, healthier eating mix recipes

Originally posted March, 2009

Lookie what’s growing in my garden! Those cute little lettuce leaves will soon be cute big lettuce leaves. I can’t wait! I’ll be needing my homemade salad dressing before we know it.


I don’t actually have an exciting salad recipe for you. I’m not terribly creative like that. My salad recipes almost always look something like:

  1. Wash and tear up a bunch of lettuce or spinach and put it in a bowl.
  2. Add whatever other raw veggies you have.
  3. If you’re feeling especially crazy, throw in some dried cranberries or raisins.
  4. If you want your salad to be your main dish, add some chicken, cheese and hard boiled egg.
  5. Grab a fork.

Homemade Salad Dressing Ideas

This is why I’m so excited about the above carnivals. However, I do have a fun idea for a salad dressing that I discovered one day when I was dinking around in the kitchen. Are you ready? It’s a novel idea.

Orange juice.  The juice from an orange. Fresh squeezed orange juicy goodness.

It’s refreshingly simple. And yummy. And it contains no high fructose corn syrup or MSG.


Now that I’ve shared that enlightening salad tid-bit, I’m very excited to share another healthy homemade salad dressing idea!

Rhonda sent me a wonderful Ranch Dressing Mix recipe!! I used to use Simply Organic brand because I trust it more than other brands. But now, thanks to Rhonda, I can make a super healthy (and much, much less expensive) Ranch Dressing any time I need to!

Ranch Dressing MixYum

Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing Ideas
  • 5 Tablespoons dried minced onions
  • 7 teaspoon parsley flakes
  • 4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  1. Mix together and store in an air tight container.
  2. For dressing: Mix 2 Tablespoons dry mix with 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup buttermilk or sour cream.
  3. For dip: Mix 2 Tablespoons dry mix with 2 cups sour cream or kreme fresh.
  4. Mix up a few hours before serving, so the flavors all blend nicely.

I use Hain Safflower mayo and Homemade Buttermilk.

Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix
The jar on the right is the mix, which costs pennies compared to a packaged mix! The jar on the left is the ranch dressing all made up and ready to go on our salad.

You HAVE to try this dressing! It tastes so…so real. And fresh. And pure. It’s delicious, simple and healthy! Obviously, you eat it on lettuce and other veggies – so that gives you wonderful, healthy…healthiness. (And of course, great servings of more fruits and veggies!)

Rhonda even suggested using this ranch dressing mix in my Ranch Potato Wedges recipe. It works GREAT!

I shall never buy another ranch dressing packet again. Rhonda – you rock!

And try squeezing an orange onto your salad sometime! See what you think! (Ever tried it before?) 

Homemade Onion Soup Mix (with No MSG!)

Save money and use real food ingredients when you make Onion Soup Mix!

I’m at church camp this week, loving life, swatting bugs, and trying to stay hydrated. While I’m gone, you can enjoy a re-posting of some of our most popular time-saving, money-saving, healthier eating mix recipes

Originally posted March, 2011

So far in this Heavenly Homemakers Recipe Challenge, we’ve come up with recipes for Homemade Tator Tots, Healthier Chocolate Milk and Teriyaki Sauce. I attempted a recipe for corn tortillas and while they tasted pretty good…they were NOT easy to make, they fell apart and looked ugly. I’m going to keep working on that one until I come up with a corn tortilla recipe that doesn’t take the whole afternoon to make. :)

This new recipe in The Challenge was super easy to put together! Vicki, one of our readers, sent me an Onion Soup Mix recipe to try and WOW is it simple! I tweaked it a teeny tiny bit, but really, this recipe is more Vicki’s than mine.

What I love about this recipe is that I didn’t have to look high and low for the ingredients.  Many onion soup recipes I found call for some sort of bouillon. Almost always, bouillon has MSG. There are MSG free bouillon varieties out there, but what if they aren’t easily accessible to you? And so…I was very happy to see this recipe that contained just dried herbs and spices!

Onion Soup MixYum

Homemade Onion Soup Mix (with No MSG!)
  • ⅔ cup dried, minced onion
  • 3 teaspoons parsley flakes
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder
  • 2 teaspoons turmeric (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon celery salt
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon sucanat (or sugar if you prefer)
  • ½ teaspoon ground pepper
  1. Mix all ingredients in a jar, then give the jar a good shake.
  2. I'd recommend shaking the jar to mix the ingredients well before each use.
  3. Use 4 Tablespoons Onion Soup Mix in a recipe in place of 1 packet of onion soup mix.  (I actually found that 2 Tablespoons was plenty in a beef stew recipe I tried.)
  4. Store this in a dry, cool place.


I used the Onion Soup Mix in this simple, one dish stew and YUM!
Find the recipe for Simple One Dish Meat and Potato Meal here.

And with that…I have to ask:

SO many of you requested this recipe that I’m guessing you all must have tons of wonderful ways of using Onion Soup Mix? I would LOVE for you to share what you do with this mix!!! I have exactly two recipes that call for Onion Soup Mix. I’m so excited to use this mix in those recipes because I’ve not made them for years. But what else??? What do you make with Onion Soup Mix??

Attention: Everyone With Hands and Feet! FREE Pocket Size BeeSilk Hard Lotion!

If you have hands or feet that tend to get dry and cracked – you are really going to want to perk up to this. Come to think of it, if you have hands and feet at all – you need this. After all, who of us doesn’t from time to time struggle with dry skin? And then there are those of us who have chronically dry skin that can result in cracks in the fingers, toes, and heels.

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How to Get Free Shipping with your Free BeeSilk Lotion Bar

I love freebie deals like this, but I much prefer to avoid shipping fees. Here’s what I’m doing:

MadeOn offers free shipping on orders over $45. Since I already know I love and use many MadeOn products, I will fill my cart with a few other of my favorite items to go along with the free lotion bar. Then I can get the freebie with free shipping too! I’ll get…

  • BeeSilk Refills
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I have to have plenty of these products on hand at all time because our whole family uses them – plus our oldest takes his own stash to the dorm.

Enjoy your freebie!! Don’t forget that this offer ends Tuesday, July 19 at midnight, so don’t put it off!

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